Low cost design – The book

2 volumes: each with 5 types of transformed objects and 6 transformation actions.

a book by Daniele Pario Perra with the participation of:

– Emiliano Gandolfi / testi di Beppe Finessi, Francesco Morace, Pierluigi Sacco (Volume 1)
– Lucia Babina, Pierfrancesco Frillici, Emiliano Gandolfi, Christina Kreps, Francesco Morace, Renzo di Renzo, Luca Villa (Volume 2)

All images were selected from Daniele Pario Perra’s Low-cost Design archive and were made by the artist – Images and photographic prints made in CentralColor workshops, Catania

Low Cost Design is a project constantly in progress: contributions, feedback and suggestions: staff@lowcostdesign.org